Christmas in Haiti

On December 16 – 22, 2017, I boarded a plane with a missions team from my church, Overcoming Believers Church, here in Knoxville, TN to Port Au Prince, Haiti to experience the power of God through working with children, helping with projects at the ReachHaiti Orphanage, medical clinic, prison ministry, church outreaches and sharing the love of Jesus to all we encountered.

The ministry that we partnered with is Reach International Ministries with Mike and Andrea Brewer.  Our missions house where we stayed was in Croix de Bouquet, Haiti. Croix de Bouquet is located 12.9 kilometers (8.0 mi) to the northeast of Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince. It is a northern suburb in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.

Below are some pictures and videos that hopefully capture our time there! Enjoy!

The Missions House

Elder Carter and myself sitting on the balcony of the missions house.

“I was soooooooo HOT!!!!”






Ministry In A Church in Haiti

At this particular church, I was able to give my testimony of how God healed me from what the doctors thought was a cancerous tumor in my colon! Through the power of forgiveness (a willingness to forgive others), the Lord gave me a life sentence instead of what the doctors thought was a death sentence.  After Pastor Beckwith preached, we prayed for the people and the power of prayer and intercession was soooo strong. Even though they were praying in French/Creole you could feel the power of God moving amongst the midst of the people.

The Pastor of the church which is the older gentlemen pictured in the first pic (gray suit with lavender shirt and tie), testified after the service was over how he had a vision from God sending an evangelist from another country to their church and how the Spirit of God would move in a mighty way among the people when that evangelist came. He had that vision 10 years ago and no one came until we did the week of December 16-22, 2017!!!! We were the answer to that vision, to that prayer! I have not felt the power of God so strong in all of my life. I was trying to reach all of the people in the church and touch them but a couple of the mothers of the church had me cornered and were holding me and praying for me!!!! Everyone was weeping!! God really moved in our midst in that service!

From left to right: Pastor Beckwith, Min Linda L. Smith, Summer Moore, Kayla Smith, the Pastor of the Church, the Pastor’s wife, mother of church who lives in back of the church